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Digital Marketing Internship

What we do?

We are a multicultural company in India which builds phenomenal software development teams for our clients all around the globe. We help them to take their development offshore, guiding them through all the important processes. From hiring the developers, setting up their offices, to taking care of the administration and the HR, we offer them a fully hands-off operation.

The company, founded in 2014 by our French CEO Émilien, has grown to an impressive number of 150 employees. French, German, American and Indian employees are contributing to our great culture and workplace. And now, we're searching for someone to complement this great team.

 What you will do:

You will be part of our highly experienced sales and marketing team. The goal of this team is to create leads and opportunities for the company. You'll learn to do this with the following techniques:

Inbound Marketing
- Search Engine Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Content Creation
- A/B and Multivariate Testing

Outbound Sales
- Market Research
- Email Marketing


We offer you a unique experience in the fastest growing tech hub and the most dynamic city in the world. You get:

- a stipend which covers your basic expenses
- we pay for your flights and compensate you for your visa fees
- 1 day per month of paid leave
- support in finding a place to live
- a MacBook to work with


Who are we looking for?

We're looking for a highly motivated individual who is keen to learn everything about marketing in a digital world. Your profile should preferably look like this:

- Looking for a full-time internship for 6 months or longer
- Newly graduated or enrolled student in relevant academic courses
- Experience in marketing preferred but not required
- Creative, well-organised and responsible
- Good social, communication and analytical skills
- Fluent English, German or French is a plus

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