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Account Coordinater/6 months Internship in New York

JB Cumberland offers a six-month internship as an account coordinator starting at the beginning of March 2006. The internship is unpaid but a stipend will be provided. The intern will be exposed to American methods of consumer marketing and PR. He/she will have hands on experience of day-to-day activities covering client-related, analytical, creative and administrative tasks that meet JB Cumberlands standard for quality and profitability.


The intern will play a crucial part in JB Cumberlands contact with media. For this the intern will assist in constructing databases, create/update press kits, update the website and oversee and organize mailings. As a part of JB Cumberlands quality assurance the intern will be responsible for evaluating campaigns by creating PR value reports. The intern will also attend trade shows and meet with clients and editors/photographers. JB Cumberland recognizes the importance of TV placements for its clients and for this the intern is responsible for contacts with representatives from prime time TV shows. The intern will participate in brainstorming sessions when campaigns need to be launched or modified. On a daily basis the intern should also expect to handle various administrative tasks such as sending mail and FedEx, order messengers, resolve computer problems with external IT experts, and running errands.

Who should apply?
It is assumed that the applicant for this position is a European student or recent graduate majoring in marketing, public relations, communications or a related field with a strong academic record. The applicant should also be a motivated, conscientious, fun, outgoing and creative person interested in working in an international environment. It is absolutely necessary for the applicant to be proficient in English as it is the sole means of communication at JB Cumberland. Please note as this is an unpaid internship the intern needs sufficient funds of his/her own for the complete duration of the internship in New York City (recommended amount is $1500/month). As indicated, the intern will receive a stipend throughout the duration of the internship.

Additional skills in the following fields are highly valued for this application:
·Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark etc.)
·PCs, networks, servers and printers

How to apply:
Application including cover letter and a complete resume should be sent via email with the subject line Application for internship (your name) well before the starting of the intern-period.

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