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Agenturpraktikum/ agency internship


What we do: A brief pitch to describe our fields of work & our special skills.

DAS IMPERIUM talent agency is a talent agency who represent really potential upcoming talents from more than 25 countries since more than 15 years.
The most of them are one of the most recommended talents from Eastern Europe´s cinema but also from abroad.

We have a huge amount of knowledge and skills to develop transmedia and branded entertainment projects. That´s why we found a Berlin-LA based second hand business structure in 2014 to package finance & co-produce international coproduction movies, tv series and web formats.

We are offering a collaboration where everybody works at the same eye level in respect to our other collaborators.
We are open minded and we understand mistakes as our motor which helps us to understand things… try do them afterwards better and grow.
We are a small team of freelance collaborators who are really fascinate by the medium film and love to work with artists.
Our work is based on trust and fun for our mission (that´s how we look on our goals).

What we are looking for:

People who have an unusual blend of passion, dedication, spirit and energy.
People who are creative and insightful problem solvers and want to work to offer our service for both sides our talents and our clients.
People who are fluent in German & English & have a good and useful understanding of technical devices (we work with Apple products).
People who like people… who like artists and just trust in confirmed facts and information and not in "things they thought that should be…"

We want to offer you an intership for 3 month who want to follow up later on in our bizz or similar businesses.
Pls send us your request if you want to give a try. We will be happy to hear from you. Thx & rock on Anne, Manuel & Georg


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