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German Speakers to Work as Language Data Analyst

We are currently seeking talented professionals to join our client's team as Language Data Analysts. 


In this role you will be responsible for processing and analyzing data in the language in question. 


This data will be used to develop Artificial Intelligence in the form of Virtual Assistants and improve their speech recognition capabilities.


As a Language Data Analyst, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

Labelling and annotating data (e.g. putting time-stamps, marking noise, user intent, etc.)
Transcribing audio files
Linguistic modelling


Native level in one of the following languages: German
Excellent listening, writing and spelling skills in one of the above languages
Attention to detail
Flexibility, ability to adapt and react to changing priorities quickly and efficiently
Good reading and comprehension skills in English
Availability to work from our Prague office
Full-time availability



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