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Last Minute Marketing & Sales Internship

We are looking for a native German student for a 5-6 months internship in our language course agency in Barcelona. 

You will spend the last part of your internship working on a project or project in the field of online marketing and promotion. According to current planning your project is going to be a successful partnership with leading multinational companies in Europe. 

Other potential project assignments include:  
- search engine marketing  
- optimization of onsite and especially international PPC marketing campaigns  
- development of cross-selling partnerships for complementary services / products 
- promotion of our online language learning tool  
- affiliate programs marketing  
- development of website content areas  
- social media marketing

You will also be involved in our sales department, being in contact with clients and business partners. Depending on your language skills.

What is special about this job? 
* Variety of tasks 
* Excellent work atmosphere, open and non-bureaucratic. 
* No Spanish or Catalan required. 
* Beautiful office building in the center of the city. Good connection to all metrolines. 
* Occational massages and lunches on the terrace in summer 

* Optional Friday afternoon off

• excellent English 
• native speaker of one of the languages.
• strong organisationally and communication skills
• former work experience
• good degree of study
• at least four terms of studies
• good computer skills
• 5 to 6 months placement duration
• Spanish is not Necessary, but might be of advantage, as might be any other Advanced language skills.

The internship is paid for Leonardo / ERASMUS scholarships. In addition, you will be in Barcelona.

Our team consists of 20 people working on projects in the following different business segments: the worldwide most visited website to compare and book language courses abroad. The site is in 35 languages and is consulted by over 2 million visitors per year. 
VocabularyTrainer: Online learning tool. 100% free with over 10.000 words and phrases in 35 languages. The mobile app downloaded over 10 million times and growing to one of the worldwide most popular language learning apps with currently over 300.000 downloads every month.
HumidorDiscount,com/ Ecommerce stores for different niche markets in the luxury accessory and smoker accessory segment.


With whatever we do we strive to provide a better service/product than any other company in the same sector.***

Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter (in ENGLISH) by email and the language you are applying for. Please add information about the results of your university qualifying exams (ie A-levels) and average grade within your current studies. So attach a photo if possible.

Jobcode: MKT GER

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