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International Business Consultants/Export Consultants.

We are a fast growing Canadian Recruiting Firm based in Montreal (Business Partners in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and New-York city), we are presently looking for many motivated candidates for our North-American Corporate clients in International Management and Export area (Paid trainee and Contract Positions available in 2005): Export Consultants and International Business Consultants.
We offer contract, consulting and direct hire positions for talented individuals across a complete range of disciplines and industries. Our practice areas include: Marketing/Sales, Export/International Business and Management/Finance area.
Thanks to our dedication to understanding the needs and culture of our clients, we are able to respond to our client's specific needs more quickly and cost effectively than our competitors.
Good leadership required for Management positions.
Candidates must have some english skills (other languages a must) and ready to travel overseas.
Good interpersonal and communication skills required.
A College or University degree could be required by employers.
Ability to work independently and in team situation.
Attractive salaries and packages (including life insurance, paid vacation,....).
We will provide the work placement/work permit (Visa) with our Corporate clients.
If you are interested by an overseas position in International Business or Export area, please, send us a resume thru email, mail or fax.

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